Kind of Personnel Not to Hire

Characteristics of Bad Personnel

January 31, 2016
by prowriter256

Characteristics of Bad Employees Not to Hire

Well, it is not possible to run an Nike store on your own no matter the number of hours that you think you can commit to the business. You need someone to perform certain chores such as accounting, planning, marketing and the list is endless. The downside of this is that getting the right personnel is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are some of the characteristics of employees that you should never hire even in your worst day.

Too Egocentric

There is a set of job seekers who have a very high ego, they think that they know it all despite the fact that they do not know anything. It is not difficult to know if a particular person is egocentric or not, you just need to spend a few hours with them and you will know.



This is the employees who cannot get anything done on time. They come to work late and act sluggishly when serving clients or doing other chores in the store such as arranging the shoes on the racks. This is the last type of employee that you should hire to work with you lest you want your business to go down the drain.

Finally, you should not hire employees who act bossy when relating to their juniors. Such persons are unable to cope with challenges well and cannot work together with other employees as a team. For your store to grow, it needs to have a group of people who understand your goals and objectives.

January 30, 2016
by prowriter256

How Not to Run an Online Store

Running an online store that specialize in selling sneakers is not as easy as most people tend to thing. This is why only 30% of all the stores that are established every year succeed in achieving their profit margins by the end of the year. Today, I will give you tips on how not to run an online store.


Poor Marketing Strategy

You will not be forgiven for thinking that customers will just stroll into your store and make purchases just like that. If things were that easy, every investor in this business would be making millions of dollars per year doing nothing. So, if you want your store to fail, implement poor marketing strategies. You need to first understand your target audience to come up with a strategy.

Poor Quality Products

Nike is one of the respected sneaker brands in the world. This means that you might get away by fooling people with fake sneakers, but your business will surely not last long. Hence, you need to ensure that you only sell high quality products to your customers, lest your business will fail terribly and leave you in a serious financial limbo.

Lack of Qualified Personnel

The level of unemployment in the world is so high that the G-9 countries are on  the verge of declaring it an international disaster. Nevertheless, you should only hire expert personnel who the skills required to run the business even in your absence.

Finally, you cannot just establish the store at any point, your location has to strategic. That is, it should be easily accessible to your target audience.

January 29, 2016
by prowriter256

Getting Discounts for Shoes Online

Shopping for shoes online is effective as you get to access a vast variety of shoes available at online shoes stores at the comfort of your home and at any time. You sure would like to make a saving on the next pair of shoes you purchase online.

Here are the tips for getting discounts for shoes online today.



One of the successful ways of identifying online stores that are offering discounts is through research on the internet. Conducting survey on the internet helps in identifying the upcoming discount and clearance sales. You can then schedule the purchase of shoes on the day that the online shoe store is offering a discount.

Strategic Shopping

To enjoy discounts on shoes online, you need to conduct your purchase strategically. Instead of falling for the hype around a newly released shoe design, make the purchase after the consumer demand has settled. You are likely to buy the shoe at a lower price after it has stayed for some time in the market. Also, avoid shopping on holidays because most people buy during this period, and the shoes are likely to be overpriced.

Research the Seller

Getting discount on a counterfeit shoe is frustrating. It is important to research the seller, the product to ascertain that the shoe is genuine, and not being sold at a discount because it is counterfeit.

Researching the internet for upcoming discount sales and scheduling your purchases strategically are effective ways of getting a discount on shoes online.

January 28, 2016
by prowriter256

Tips to Manage an Online Store

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that the internet is ultimately the best avenues for reaching a greater market and growing sales for your business. However, a study shows that not more than half of the online stores generate revenue exceeding $ 25,000 per year. Your online store can make more than this money by applying particular strategies.

Here are the tips for managing an online store.


Compatibility with Mobile Devices

The phone is the most famous device for accessing the internet than tablets and laptops. You should ensure that your website is compatible with mobile viewing. Doing so ensures that many customers can access your online store and make a purchase using their devices.

Data Management

Data is useful in decision making in an online store. The data on customer past transactions and patterns is meaningful in predicting customer demand and setting prices. It also aids in managing your orders to avoid losing customers due to shortages. Investing in data analysis streamlines the operations of your online store and guarantees its success.

Create an Online Presence

To attract customers you must be highly present on the internet. This creates customer awareness, drives online users to your website, and contributes to sales growth. The social media and search engine optimization is effective in marketing your business online.

These three important strategies can aid in managing your online store and steering it to success.

January 27, 2016
by prowriter256

Tips for Setting up an Offline Store


Creating an offline store requires a calculated plan. There are time-tested strategies that have met the test of time, and you should apply when setting up an offline store.

Here are the tips for setting up an offline store.


The success of your offline store is dependent on an enormous traffic of customers to the shop. You should locate the offline store on a high traffic street and most importantly in a location, which is well known for selling your merchandise.

Create a Cordial Relationship with Other Business

Try to place an advert on the mailers of the enterprises adjacent to your offline store. They can charge you a small fee for the adverts, which is worthy due to the endorsement you get from the businesses.

Create Marketing Content

To attract customers to your newly opened offline store, you need to get your word out. You can create customer awareness about your store by posting articles in the local newspaper or magazine. This is efficient in converting a local reader to a local shopper in your offline store.

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Sponsor a Local Charity

One of the best ways of appealing to customers is demonstrating your concern for the less-fortunate members of the society. Sponsoring a local event or charity helps in enjoying high preference from the customers since they are part of the community.

Having an offline store supplements the revenues generated from your online store. The above tips are useful for creating an offline store and realize your dream goal.





January 24, 2016
by prowriter256

Reasons Why Most People Hate Nike Sneakers

Fashion is erratic, but the hate for Nike sneakers has not changed over the years. Nike has not received a warm reception from customers, as you would expect. Most of the people do not like the Nike sneakers and often opt for a different brand due to several reasons.

Here are the reasons why most people hate Nike sneakers.


Poor Corporate Image

Nike has struggled from a poor corporate image due to allegations of laborers in their production centers. Many customers do not like associating with socially irresponsible manufacturers. Nike has had many allegations of running sweatshops in Asia. The idea of wearing a Nike sneaker made by child labor or underpaid labor discourages customers from purchasing Nike sneakers.


Nike sneakers are quite expensive than the other brands of sneakers. The Nike sneakers are often light and do not offer sufficient protection for your feet. They are also not suitable for running. Most people avoid Nike sneakers because they believe that they pay too much for a shoe whose price does not match its quality.

Endorsement Wars

Endorsing athletes and celebrities influences the attitude people have for sneakers. Nike faces competition from Adidas and the competition drives the endorsement wars. Some stars quit Nike for Adidas and make negative comments regarding Nike sneakers. This creates a dislike for Nike sneakers.

The lack of a good corporate image and endorsement wars has contributed to the hate for Nike sneakers. Most people hate Nike sneakers because they are expensive.

January 22, 2016
by prowriter256

Tips for Running an Online Store

Running an online store is not as easy as most new investors’ thing. Just like managing a physical business premises, you need to have a set of skills to achieve your business goals and objectives. Here are some tips on how run an online store likes a professional successfully.

Responding to Customer Queries

This is one of the attributes that customers use to evaluate your performance. You need to learn or put in place working measures to ensure that you respond to customer queries on time. This will paint a positive image of your business to the customers. For instance, you need to incorporate an automatic email responder on your website to send out an automated message to clients every time they fill the contact form.


This is one of the personal attributes that you need to run an online store successfully. If you promise to deliver the Nike sneakers within twenty-four hours to your customers, you need to do that without fail. No one likes excuses, so have a way of delivering the orders within the agreed timeframe. This will go a long way to secure your reputation online.


It is not possible to run your business alone, you need a team to carry out some of the tasks on your behalf. Despite the fact that you might be having a number of trained personnel, it is recommendable to train them further to hone their skills and expertise.


Embrace the above tips to start growing your online Nike store this year.

January 21, 2016
by prowriter256

Benefits of Having an Online Nike Outlet

If you want to sell hundreds of Nike sneakers online, invest in a quality online store outlet. The store is basically a website that customers can access on using their internet enabled devices and place orders or contact the customer care support team. Here are the benefits of having an online store.

online shop

Reducing Operating Costs

By having an online store, you will not need to hire hundreds of people to run your office. All you need is a group of personnel to help respond to clients’ queries on time and another team to process the orders and ensure they are shipped to the right address. Otherwise, if you establish a physical address, you will need to hire up to one hundred employees as the business grows.

Easy to Market

Marketing sneakers online is pretty easy as compare to marketing offline. For instance, you can post videos of people wearing a particular sneaker or pictures. More importantly, you can include a feature that allows your customers to share the picture with friends though the various social media sites.

Unlimited Space

There is literally no limit on the number of shoes that you can list in your catalogue or post images of on your website. However, you need to choose a hosting package that can accommodate your website ensure that all pages load fast.

Finally, an online store is easy to track its performance. All you need to integrate it with a financial management platform or software. You will no longer to argue with your accountant on the number of sales made, as you will receive such information in real time.

January 20, 2016
by Prowriter

Hiring Employees for a Nike Store

When planning to establish a physical or online Nike Store that customers can visit to purchase sneakers, you need to take your time to hire professionals to assist you do daily chores such as serving customers and arranging the sneakers in the stall. Despite the fact that there are hiring agencies who can help you do this, it is more ideal to hire the personnel yourself, to get the best.

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Here are some of the factors that you should consider in the hiring process.


Go for persons who have in the past worked in a similar store. Such an employee will not only help you do some of the tasks but also provide you with ideas that you can implement to grow your business to the next level. For instance, he or she might propose that you change the manner in which you arrange the sneakers in order to make them more visible to all who walk into your stall. However, evaluate feasibility of each suggestion before making the final decision.

Academic Qualification

Persons who have undertaken business related courses can help you carry out certain tasks such as filing and reconciling your financial reports. You might need to do a background search to know if the qualifications stated in the resumes are legit.

Finally, choose personnel, who have great interpersonal skills, they should be able to communicate with your customers in a friendly manner. This is not an easy trait to identify; you might have to watch how they conduct themselves in the store.